Tag: Rebellion


  • Denlas

    Was a member of the Pythian Basilica in Novunidus. Council member of the Rebels of Novunidus. Since being seen with the rebels raiding at the Basilica, he is no longer a secret member of the rebelion. Disappeared during the raid at the Basilica when …

  • Lidenia

    Paladin of Bahamut. Follower of the old ways, which teach that the Dragon Lords gained the power of the dragons by nurturing a symbiotic relationship, not conquering and commanding. They believe that the great hero Garibaldus did not conquer the dragons …

  • Rainio

    Rainio is happiest when he is in motion: either his body or his mouth. He has endless effervescent energy and extensive ebullient enthusiasm. "Is it dangerous and difficult?" Then, Rainio is all in (well unless it involves dragons, when he tempers his …

  • Silblood

    From the Shadowed Wood. Her parents are both Warlocks of import, and are members of a cover with Silblood. She is a cousin of Soteria and has come to Novunidus to join the rebelion.